Head & Neck Cancer Treatment

Head and Neck Cancers consist of a wide spectrum of malignancies such as Squamous cell cancers, Salivary gland cancers and other Miscellaneous cancers. Of these, Squamous cell cancers are the most common and oral cavity the most common site. Symptoms mainly include bleeding, ulceration or fungation and pain. They can also sometimes present as a swelling in the neck. Treatment is mainly by surgery, although Radiation may also have a role in some cases. Advanced cases may need all three modalities – Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation in varying combinations. Surgery includes resection of the area involved by cancer with clearance of the fatty tissue in the neck. This is followed by reconstruction of the resected area using other body tissue. Recent advancements have improved outcomes drastically with cosmetic results showing an almost normal appearance. Certain cancers like nasopharyngeal, laryngeal, etc can be managed by radiation and chemotherapy; however surgery may be required in a few cases.

Salivary Gland tumours present as a swelling in the face, mouth or neck near the jaw. These can either be benign or in some cases Malignant. The most common of these are the parotid gland tumours with pleomorpic adenoma being the most common subtype. Treatment is mainly by surgery.

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