Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in urban women in India. Although a cancer of predominantly women, it may also be seen in males. More commonly seen in women above 40 years of age, it can also be found in younger women.

The most common symptoms include a lump in the breast or in the axilla, discharge from the nipple, asymmetry between the two breasts and changes in the nipple architecture.

Latest advances in treatment have made the outcomes of breast cancer very favourable with majority of patients leading a near normal life. The treatment modalities include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal manipulations. Surgical advancements include breast conservation therapies with reconstruction using various flaps and implants. These give a near normal architecture after removal of the cancer as well as the same results as complete removal.

Special chemotherapy delivery devices such as Chemoports make chemotherapy more palatable and easy to administer.

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