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Dr. Prasad Kasbekar’s Clinic is where you will find the Best Lung Cancer Specialist in Mumbai. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer in India and worldwide. In India it constitutes 11.3 % of all cancers in males which is second only to head neck cancers causing highest number of deaths due to cancers in males. in women 3.1% of all cancers and third highest after breast and cervical cancer with highest number of death due to cancer in woman as well.

In Mumbai it is leading cause of cancer in males and fifth most common cancer in women. Worldwide leading cause of cancer in male and leading cause of all cancer deaths, in women third highest cause of cancer and second leading cause of cancer. Today we see rising trend of lung cancer in young age due to early onset of smoking habit, also rise in number of cases in women due to increase in habit of smoking. Cigarette smoke is a complex aerosol composed of gaseous and particulate compounds. The smoke consists of mainstream smoke and side-stream smoke components. Mainstream smoke is produced by inhalation of air through the cigarette and is the primary source of smoke exposure for the smoker. Side-stream smoke is produced from smouldering of the cigarette between puffs and is the major source of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). The primary determinant of tobacco addiction is nicotine, and tar is the total particulate matter of cigarette smoke after nicotine and water have been removed. Exposure to tar seems to be a major component of lung cancer risk. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has identified at least 50 carcinogens in tobacco smoke. Smokers are at risk 10 to 30 times more than non-smokers.

Lung cancers in non-smokers: about 20 % of lung cancers are found in people who have never smoked Causes for such association could be exposure to second hand smoke, radon environment pollution, occupational exposure, previous lung diseases, genetic. To know more about this topic do visit the Best Lung Cancer Specialist in Mumbai.

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